About us

GETEC is one of the leading companies providing energy services to industrial and municipal customers in Europe. With experience in a variety of regulated markets and a broad portfolio of engineering solutions, we provide a full spectrum of energy services, always finding a tailored solution to our customers’ needs. We define ourselves as a dedicated partner in implementing innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Resource respect, economy and efficiency of processes are inscribed in our DNA code and guide us in navigating our customers through an increasingly complex environment. We support our partners in improving their environmental footprint with a view to the generations that will come after us.



Energy for more

Our slogan expresses the promise of having more energy and is the motto for the more than 1,250 employees of the GETEC Group, the energy to create new added value, to be more efficient, to restore resources, service, innovation and thus to focus our customers more on their core business.


Our solutions and your benefits


  • The right complete solution from one source
  • Highest security and availability of energy supply
  • Regulatory, technological and economic competence to create a solution tailored to your expectations and needs
  • More autonomy through island energy solutions and autosourcing
  • High-level service provided by more than 350 mobile service units and 24/7 remote control of the installation
  • Optimising your energy consumption
  • Release of financial liquidity and Capex for your key projects, risk assumption, balance sheet optimization
  • Generating savings
  • Strategic partnership on energy efficiency
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions


GETEC Polska Sp. z o.o.
Jedwabnicza 4
62-700 Turek
Kontakt dla Mediów: 500 426 266

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